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About Us


CC Realty and Property Management has been in business for 16+ years. The owner, Cheryl Myatt, began to feel a desire to completely change career paths.  With an education and a 20+ year career in music, she felt it was time for a change.  Licensed as a salesperson in 2004, Cheryl hit the ground running.  She was a top-producer early in her career selling over 5 million in residential sales.  She worked for 3 other brokers before becoming a Broker herself.  In 2007, CC Realty was opened out of a need for Property Management.  The market was turning, quickly, and Sellers were no longer selling and therefore, buyers were no longer buying.


We hit the great Real Estate depression.  Cheryl knew she needed to get creative with her license.  After becoming a broker, Cheryl has focused on her niche, Property Management.  "It is a division of real estate that I love.  It's new everyday and we are helping people find safe, healthy and suitable homes for their families.".  CC Realty has been able to help Sellers turn their "unsaleable" listing into rental cash flow.  We have helped tenants purchase the rental home that they grew to love.  We have helped investors create property portfolios that we can manage and monitor to ensure profitability.  "I want CC Realty to be a place that people know they can turn to.  Whether it's finding the right home, investing for future profits and just asking questions that will give them the confidence to make that move."


CC Realty is also committed to our community.  We look for opportunities to connect with the residents of Cuyahoga Falls and the surrounding areas.  We are highly involved in the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce and the MLS Now Board of Directors.  To have a voice and to be a voice in our work and community is just one of the many things we strive for.  CC Realty is a family-owned business built on honesty, integrity and inner-drive.  We look for ways to grow both personally and professionally.  



Message from Owner:                      "Be a learner, never stop learning."

We take great pride and care of our staff at CC Realty and Property Management. Without our team, we would be nothing as a business. We could not have asked for the best, highly trained, creative, and innovative employees.

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