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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions that our owners have asked when they first were interviewing us to be their property manager. If there are any questions that are not on this list that you still need answered, please call our office at (330) 920-7460. We would love to have a chat about how we can make your property a profitable investment for you! 

1.Does CC Realty work with private room rentals? 

Yes, we do work with private room rentals. We would use the same lease that we use with single family homes but add some addendums. 

3. If I have more than one property, is the Admin Fee charged for each property, if I have more than one? 

No. Our $250.00 Administrative/ Startup Fee is only charged to an owner once. This fee stays the same across the board, whether an owner has 1 property or 40.

5. Are all owners required to use CC Realty preferred vendors? 

No. We offer our contractors to be used if an owner wants to use them. If an owner already has contractors that they prefer to use or if they want to complete Maintenace repairs themselves, we can help coordinate repair appointments with the tenants. 

2. If I have a tenant already living in the property, does CC Realty change their lease agreement as soon as management starts? 

As long as a tenant has a current lease agreement with the owner, we will not change their lease agreement until the current one expires. If there is no documentation between tenant and landlord, we will make one as soon as management starts. 

4. Do we require tenants to clean the carpets when they move out? 

We suggest all tenants to professionally clean the carpets before they move out. However, if this does not happen, our carpet cleaner charges by square feet of each room and $2.00 a stair. 

6. What is the $35.00 Administrative Support Fee? 

This fee is an hourly charge for any property management tasks that are over and above what our management agreement states our services are. This includes meeting utility companies for turn on/offs and any eviction court appearances. 

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